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Bob Lemmons a real mustanger.

Bob Lemmon was different from most mustangers. He always worked alone. He tried to make the mustangs think that he was one of them, he acted like them. Bob would follow the herds track but from out of site of the herd, he learned the tracks of his herd so well the he could recognize the hoof prints of every horse in it.

So even when his herd mingled with another and crossed the tracks of another, he could still follow them. Bob once trailed a group of mustangs for five days without actually seeing it, or them seeing him. When Bob began to follow a herd of wild mustangs, he stayed away from all human contact He would not change his cloth or his horse. He had his food placed in a tree by other cowboys so that he would have no human contact. He would not pick up his food until it had been there long enough to have lost its human smell.

Bob would move in a little closer to the herd, but not up with it and follow it from a distance then he would gradually move in a little closer, and closer until the herd got used to him being there and the herd began to accept him as part of the group.

Bob watched for an opportunity to drive off the Stallion that was leading the herd and when that happed he ran the stallion off and took control of the herd and became the Stallion. Once Bob gained the confidence of the mares, he took them to water he smelled out danger in a way they could understand, and if another stallion came to close he would drive it off. Bob even led the herd in a stampede, he took them into new ranges where he tested their confidence in him. He became a mustang in every way.

When the herd of mustangs was completely under control, Bob slowly led them homeward. The cowboys at the ranch were expecting Bob and his wild horses. The gates of the corral were open and ready and Bob suddenly dashed into a dead run leading the herd into the corral as fresh as they had been when he first sighted the herd. Now it was up to other cowboys to break the new mustangs.


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