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Isom Dart

He was born into slavery in Arkansas in 1849 the year of the gold rush.
As a young boy Isom developed his talents for foraging for confederate soldiers during the Civil War. After the war he traveled to southern Texas and Mexico and worked as a rodeo clown, Isom tried his hand at prospecting and bronco busting.
There were few men who understood horses better than Isom, it was said by one cowboy and another said I have seen all of the great riders but for all around skill as a cowboy, Isom was unexcelled. He could outride any of them but never entered a contest. Isom joined the Gault gang and one day while he was burying a friend who had been kicked to death by a horse, the rest of the Gault gang were ambushed and killed. Isom survived by hiding in the grave along with his dead buddy. Yes they called him a rustler but he was always helpful and a good man.

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If we think of the AfricanCowboy in isolation as a product of slavery with no past
history and neglect to look back to a time on the continent of Africa when Black
Men and Women created the first civilization and built empires. then we would see
the young AfricanCowboys and Women of the Old West were just continuing the
traditions of their ancestors back on the continent, where they were some of the
best horse men and cattle breeders bar non.

For more information on other Black Cowboys check out "the Adventures of the
Negro Cowboys", By Philip Duram and Everett L.Jones
and "The Black West", By William Loren Katz


African History is World History. World History is your History.
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Isom Dart
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