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Isom Dart

Ned Huddleson
(aka “Isom Dart”)

Ned Huddleson vacillated back and forth with the law. Huddleson was born a slave in the year of 1849 in the state of Arkansas. Ned Huddleson had many talents, and he experimented with them in many ways. He was sixteen when he escaped slavery and went on to Texas. He then migrated to Mexico and became a stunt rider and part time clown. Huddleson later discovered that money could be made by working with Mexican bandits who showed him how to steal horses and direct them across the Rio Grande into Texas for specific buyers who used them in their cattle businesses.

Huddleson’s group became known as The Tip Gault Gang. Their headquarters and hideout was called Brown’s Park in the northwest corner of Colorado, which touches the borders of Wyoming and Utah. The story goes that the lawmen planned a surprise ambush, and, when the gang of thieves returned, they were all shot and killed while Ned Huddleston was away. Ned knew he would be hunted down and killed, therefore he went off to Oklahoma and took on the name of an alias - Isom Dart.

After a cooling off period, “Isom Dart” went back to Brown’s Park and started all over again as a rustler - this time with cattle. The sheriff caught Ned (Isom Dart) Huddleson, and he was arrested. On the way to jail with Huddleson, the sheriff’s buckboard overturned, and the sheriff was hurt. Ned’s good side came forth, and he helped the sheriff, who later helped him win his trial case, and he was granted his freedom.

The life of Ned Huddleson did not end happily ever after. Just when Ned was all settled in his new life, it was cut short by a hired gunman named Tom Horn. Horn’s job was to hunt down ex-horse rustlers. Horn shot Ned Huddleson as he exited his cabin. Tom Horn was later hanged for another killing. Ned Huddleson’s fate ended as one of the paradoxes of living a good and bad life in the Old West.



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