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Globe Birthplace of Humanity

Central Africa the
birthplace of all Humanity
on Planet Earth

Ancestors of the AfricanCowboys


Africa where the first Human Race began.

The research conducted in humanistic paleontology, particularly by the late
Dr. Louis Leaky, has helped to place the birthplace of humanity in East Africa’s Great Lakes region, around the Omo Valley. There are three ramifications that must be emphasized as a result of this research:

Humankind born around the African Great Lakes region, on the Equator, are melanated and
Ancestors of the (AFRICAN COWBOYS). Glodger’s Law calls for warm blooded animals to be pigmented (Melanized) in a hot humid climate.

All hominids, including all human variations (phenotypes), and all humans superficially referred to as other races derive from Black Africans by a more or less filtration; and the other continents were populated from Africa at the Homo erectus and Homo sapiens stages 150,000 years ago.

Africans of the equatorial zones are the germ stock of humanity.
If humans had remained upon the African continent the entire global population would be phenotypically Afracoid, there would be no human life on other continents and there would be no other racial distinctions as we find today. Attempts to eradicate or modify any of Africa’s six phenotypes may result in the collapse, extinction and annihilation of the world’s Homo sapien populations.


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