cattle were 1st domesticated in central Africa

Sudan Cowboy Photo


It is believed that cattle were first
domesticated in Africa

While the first undisputed remains of domesticated cattle appear in the African archaeological record about 5900 B.C. at a site in Chad, other studies suggest that cattle were domesticated in the same region as early as 9,000 years ago.
These were the Ancestors of the AfricanCowboy in the Old West U.S.A.

A study of African cattle published in the Journal Science in 2002 suggested that cattle were domesticated independently in Africa.

Agriculture allowed people to become sedentary (living for a prolonged period in one place), establish permanent villages and towns and develop classified societies that included specialized and dedicated segments such as farmers, artisans, soldiers, religious leaders, teachers and governors.

Agriculture is thus defined as the cultivation of domesticated plants and animals for use by the human societies, as many domesticated plants and animals would not survive without human intervention.

Early hominids were hunters and gatherers who relied on naturally occurring
vegetation, fruits, nuts, carrion and game for subsistence. Hunters and gatherers do not need to establish permanent settlements such as villages.

The human herders migrated and moved along with their herds during seasonal changes in grazing areas – the so-called pastoral nomadic.

The domestication of plants and animals is believed to have begun in the tropical and subtropical areas in the early half of the Holocene. (approximately 11,700 years ago (10,000 14 C years ago).

The tropics provide enough moisture and sunlight for the growth of vegetation that provides food to both humans and animals.

For more information check out the site belo.

Origin of domestication of plants and animals


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