the inportians of cattle in Kemet,aka Egypt

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Cattle was very important in Kemet aka Egypt

It is tempting to focus only on the boat petroglyphs. They are indeed fascinating.
Why are they present many miles from the Nile? But there are also many depictions of animals: ibex, giraffe, ostrich, dog, elephant hippo, crocodile and cattle. Cattle are present in the rock art of 40% of the Eastern Desert sites surveyed by the EDS and RATS. This frequency is second only to ibex (66%). The large river animals, crocodiles (5%), hippos (6%) and elephants (13%) are comparatively rare.


The oldest evidence of ritual connected to cattle comes from Toshka (near Nabta Playa and (Abu Simbel). Two human burials from the 12th millennium with a collection of wild grasses with cattle horns laid on top have been found. There is a huge passage of time to 1st. Dynasty burials surrounded by cattle horns, but the ritual importance of cattle is clear. From 5,500-4,000 BC there was “a dramatic increase in the number of nomadic pastoralist, (AfricanCowboys) fireplaces in the Nile Valley” (Hassan). Before this, hunting and fishing were the norm.


Wendorf and Schild found evidence of nomadic camps, megaliths (including a stone circle) and tumuli with cattle burials, but interestingly not human ones. A human cemetery has recently been discovered several kilometers away. In addition, they found a slab weighing 2.5 tons sculptured into a shape which may resemble a cow. This was buried under a megalithic structure. C14 dating from charcoal gives a date of 5,600-5,400 BC, and other dates now go to 4,000 BC when the area became much more arid.

Did cattle pastoralist's (AFRICAN COWBOYS) migrate to the Nile? Cows are found in Badarian and Naqada graves. The Barbarians had links with the Eastern Desert because agate and Red sea shells are common in graves. Did the stimulus for social complexity and therefore Nile civilization come from the deserts?


Osiris = Bull of the West/Underworld, Ra = Bull of the Ennead, Sun God = The Bull that renews its youth, Ammmon = Bull of the Four Maidens, Min = Bull of his mother/He who crete's the



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