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Hathor statue

The KMET aka Egypt Goddess Hathor wearing the Cow horns and Sun Disk Head Dress

the Important ofcattle in Kemet

Hathor with the crown horns of a cow and the sun disk of Horus
was regarded as the mother of the Kemet

Hathor Egyptian cow goddess. Also called: Athyr, Hethert, Het-heru (“the House of Horus”) Het-Hert (“the House Above”). Often equated with Isis. Greeks identified her with Aphrodite (their goddess of love). She is either a cow or in human form wearing a crown of a sun disk held between the horns of a cow.

Daughter of Nut and Ra. She was considered the goddess of the dead under the title of the “Lady of the West”. She was also (by various cults) the patron of love, dance, alcohol, sky goddess, protectress of Horus, fertility, of women, childbirth, and foreign lands.

Hathor was often regarded as the mother of the Kemet aka (Egyptian) Pharaoh, who styled himself the “son of Hathor”. Symbols of Hathor are, the cow, lioness, falcon, cobra, hippopotamus, papyrus reed, the snake, musical instruments, Egyptian rattle known as the sistrum, drums, pregnant women, mirrors and cosmetics.

The legend of the Eye of Ra, a myth.

Ra felt humanity no longer respecting him, after consulting with other gods, he decided to punish them. He projected rays from his eye which killed all who could see.

Many died, some hid in the shadows where the eye could not reach them. Ra sent the Eye of Ra in the form of Hathor to destroy humanity. Hathor went down into the dark places and killed many humans. She got a “Blood Lust” and planned to kill more.

Ra changed his mind, he only wanted humans to respect him. In order to stop Hathor, Ra flooded the fields with beer, dyed red to look like blood. Hathor stopped to drink the beer, and having become intoxicated, never carried out her deadly mission. Hathor  is responsible for music and dancing! Also drunkenness, Underworld, Women,joy, Motherhood, Love, Lighthearted Pleasure, justice and Totemic Form: the Cow.

These were the Ancestors of the AFRICAN COWBOYS


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