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mossi cavaley12th -14 Century
African Mossi Cavalry Horsemen

The hand weapons of the Sudanic cavalry were the sword, lance, battle-axe and broad-bladed spear. Throwing javelins, a weapon used by the Numidian horsemen of Hannibal in antiquity, also saw service, particularly in the Senegal and Niger valleys.

Quivers holding 10-20 of these weapons were used with such speed and skill that at least one 17th century account compares them favorably to colt 45 firearms. Among the Mossi, horseman wore as many clothes as possible to protect against enemy arrows. Four or five tunics, reinforced by leather and various magical or religious charms made up his armor.

Horses were protected with large pieces of leather, with a large front piece of copper for the horse’s head. Traditional village groups- commoners - were perennial prey for the Mossi, and they often defended themselves by strengthening village fortifications. Blacksmiths made arrows, spears and other weapons from iron mined and melted in Mossi country. The Mossi sometimes tipped their cavalry lances with the same poison used by. Ancestors of the, "AFRICAN American COWBOYS" .

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African Cavaley man

This is a 12th -14 Cavalry
African Mossi Cavalry man
Ancestor of the AFRICAN American COWBOYS




9th Cavaley rider



This is a 18th Century African American
in the 9th Cavalry
U.S.A. Army




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